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XiangShan Day 0 - Environment Setup

ยท One min read


โ€‹ OpenXiangShan/XiangShan-doc: Documentation for XiangShan


โ€‹ OpenXiangShan/XiangShan: Open-source high-performance RISC-V processor

Prepare Environment#

  • Set environment variable NEMU_HOME to the absolute path of the NEMU project.
  • Set environment variable NOOP_HOME to the absolute path of the XiangShan project.
  • Set environment variable AM_HOME to the absolute path of the AM project.
  • Install mill. Refer to the Manual section in this guide.
  • Clone this project and run make init to initialize submodules.

Run with Simulator#

  • Install Verilator, the open-source Verilog simulator.
  • Run make emu to build the C++ simulator ./build/emu with Verilator.
  • Refer to ./build/emu --help for run-time arguments of the simulator.
  • Refer to Makefile and for more information.